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Welcome to the Sprint Sponsorship Proposal Submission Website

Thank you for your interest in submitting a sponsorship proposal to Sprint. So that your sponsorship request reaches the appropriate party for review, and to ensure that we respond to your request in a timely manner, we have created an online proposal and submission system. All sponsorship proposals must be submitted through this website.

Proposals and Requests

This site has been designed to allow companies and individuals to present all opportunities in an efficient and effective manner. If you would like to submit an opportunity for our consideration, please start by entering your log-in and password or by creating a new account. To create an account, you will need to enter your email address, desired user name and password.

Once you have created your account, you will be asked to outline your opportunity in detail. Required fields in the questionnaire are denoted by a red asterisk. Once you have answered all required questions and provided any additional supporting information, you will have the opportunity to upload your formal proposal, including logos, photos and any other material which brings your proposal to life.

You will have the opportunity to preview your proposal as it will appear to our team. Once you are ready to submit your proposal for consideration, please click the "Submit" button. Once you have clicked submit, your proposal will move to an evaluation mode. Please note that once you click the "Submit" button, you will not be able to further edit your request.

Sprint does not wish to receive or hold any submitted materials "In Confidence." By submitting your proposal, you agree that you have the right to disclose the materials to Sprint and that no confidential relationship or obligation of secrecy or confidentiality is established between you and Sprint regarding the submitted materials, despite any statement or legend to the contrary on any submitted materials.

Submission of your proposal for examination and consideration by Sprint is understood to impose no obligation, either express or implied, on Sprint, and all decisions will be in Sprint's sole discretion.


Please ensure that the opportunity you have presented gives Sprint Nextel 4 months from the time of your submission to the start of your event or sponsorship. This will enable time for review, budgeting and activation.

Once your proposal has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the Sprint Sponsorship Group. The review period will take approximately 30 days, after which time you will receive a response by phone or email.


If you are a 501c3 or other nonprofit group seeking support, please go to www.sprint.com/community for additional information.

We appreciate your time and effort and look forward to reviewing your opportunity further.